Company Introduction

DewertOkin Technology Group Co., Ltd is located at Wang JiangJing Economic zone, JiaXing Zhejiang, China, which is an active area for business in the Yangtze River Delta. We have 846 workers. Our company was established in July, 2017. The overall size of our office and facility is 36000 square meters. We are building the “Dream factory” at JiaXing as our headquarters. We maintain the brands OKIN and Dewert for the linear drives. They are widely usedin smart furniture (such as motion upholstery, massage chairs, theatre seating, recliners and adjustable beds), medical applications (such as medical and nursing beds) and adjustable office desk control systems.


Aluminiumprofiler, röranslutningssystem, linjära drivenheter och transportörkomponenter möjliggör sofistikerade system för användning vid maskin- och utrustningstillverkning. Tillförlitliga, högpresterande linjära manöverdon och drivenheter för användning inom bostads- och sjukvårdssektorerna erbjuder användarna en hög komfortnivå.

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